Sammy’s Secret, Dream and Discovery
2 Disc Audio Set!

Awarded 2011 Education Program of the Year
Children's Saving and Investing by the Institute of Financial Literacy

Features the song S-A-V-E


The audio CD set is JAM PACKED with 29 tracks of attention grabbing fun and knowledge that build kids money and reading skills. It features:

And That's Not All!

List of Audio Tracks:

Disc 1: Stories and Games
  1. A Message from Author, Sam, Sam the Money Man (1:20)
  2. Predict the Chapter Title Instructions (:29)
  3. It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! (Story 1) (11:33)
  4. Author Interview, Part 1 (3:51)
  5. Sammy’s Big Dream! (Story 2) (15:38)
  6. Author Interview, Part 2 (2:22)
  7. Sammy and the Greedy Ghost! (Story 3) (14:32)
  8. Author Interview, Part 3 (2:22)
  9. Name that Word (Game 1) (9:05)
  10. Author Interview, Part 4 (2:47)
Disc 2: Songs and Games
Songs included in Story 1
  1. Theme Song: Get in the Habit! (2:29)
    Messages: Make saving a habit; from every dollar save a dime; you can do it
    Genre: Pop
  2. S-A-V-E (1:25)
    Messages: Saving makes you strong; make saving automatic, make it a habit
    Genre: Gospel
  3. The Secret (1:55)
    Messages: Saving is a great habit
    Genre: Swing
  4. Wants and Needs (2:19)
    Messages: Wants and needs are two different things
    Genre: Classical
  5. Ben Franklin Says So (2:01)
    Messages: Saving and interest get your money to grow and compound
    Genre: Pop
  6. Rainy Day (2:22)
    Messages: Saving prepares us for emergencies
    Genre: Reggae
  7. Show Your Family the Way (3:12)
    Messages: Lead by example
    Genre: Pop
Songs included in Story 2
  1. Plan (2:45)
    Messages: Plan and think ahead
    Genre: Soul
  2. Lemonade Stand (2:19)
    Messages: Earning money is fun to do
    Genre: Bop
  3. Save On (2:42)
    Messages: Keep saving; be persistent
    Genre: Disco
  4. No Man No (3:13)
    Messages: Saying no can help us achieve our dreams and goals
    Genre: Reggae-Pop
  5. Shake Your Hand (1:32)
    Messages: Celebrate your successes
    Genre: Pop
Songs included in Story 3
  1. Get in the Game (2:25)
    Messages: Start saving; make saving your game
    Genre: Rap
  2. Anyone Can Be Rich (2:48)
    Messages: Start saving early
    Genre: Pop
  3. No Free Rides (2:22)
    Messages: You can’t get something for nothing
    Genre: Rock
  4. Turn Off the Lights (2:24)
    Messages: Save energy and save money
    Genre: Rock
  5. Change Adds Up (1:45)
    Messages: Change adds up; little things make a difference with time
    Genre: Punk
  6. Big Old Dream (3:49)
    Messages: Dream big
    Genre: Country rock
  7. Again (2:31)
    Messages: Save 1 out of 10; tell your family and friends
    Genre: Latin
  8. Grand Master “Song and Sammy Saying” Challenge (Game 2) (9:50)
  9. Grand Master “Ultimate” Challenge (Game 3) (9:36)